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David Kresge
Committee Chairperson
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There is a lot of sailboat racing going on in Florida, and the Dunedin Boat Club (“DBC”) is an active participant.  Our Chairperson and Race Committee members proudly represent the Dunedin Boat Club at local and regional sailboat racing events.

Our upcoming regatta events are listed below.  I hope to see you on the water.

Upcoming Racing Events

Dunedin Boat Club Race Committee Members

  • David Kresge - Chairperson (w/Theresa Kresge)
  • Sheryl Barnes
  • Fairlie Brinkley
  • Carol Elwood
  • Dan Johnson - Sea Scouts Representative
  • Karl Bohlmann - Dunedin Youth Sailing Representative
  • OPEN POSITION - Windlasses Representative

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All About Sailboat Racing

On the west coast, all racing is done under the rules and regulations of Florida West Coast Performance Rating (“PHRF”) Handicap Fleet. Once a year, all 30 clubs along the coast get together with their administrator and plan a calendar of races for the year, hoping to avoid a conflict among clubs in order to promote as much attendance at each race as possible.

See class rules by clicking HERE.

Dunedin Boat Club belongs to the Gulf Region, which includes us and Clearwater Yacht Club (“CYC”). We intermingle with the Suncoast Region, using some of their races for both their and our Boat of The Year (“BOTY”) races.

Each Region has a number of races per year, with the clubs within alternating as the host. In order to promote participation in as many of them as possible, the races are collectively termed the “Boat of the Year” races. Awards are given for each race individually but then awards are also given for the BOTY series for that year, which runs from September to June. For the Series, there are participation points as well as the Boat's score in those races. Whoever participates the most and has the highest score wins the Boat of the Year series.

See the Notice of Series for the Gulf Region at the PHRF site by clicking HERE.

The PHRF site is loaded with valuable competitor information. Ratings are good through July 1 of the current year.  Your rating should be noted on the site

To obtain a PHRF rating for your boat, click HERE. 

Race Day Management Team Info

The Race Day Management Team consist of members and volunteers who provide their time and resources to the support of the Dunedin Boat Club Sailboat Racing curriculum. They are boat owners who volunteer their vessel to serve as Signal, Mark or a Support Boat. They are individuals who assist with the traditional Race Committee functions to manage a racing event and are individuals who support our social events before and after race events. Without this team there would be no racing curriculum.

Race Committee 101 Training Info

Race Committee 101 is a training class offered each year in the region by Clearwater Yacht Club to educate and train Race Day Management Team volunteers on the roles and responsibilities of managing a race day event. That training for 2020, in preparation for the forthcoming Laser Midwinter East Race, the Sunfish International Masters Championship, and the Sunfish Midwinters for National Championship is tentatively scheduled for February 1, 2020. Interested parties should contact CYCYACHTING@GMAIL.COM to register for this half day training.

US Sailing Race Committee Handbook Info

US Sailing provides an excellent orientation to the roles and responsibilities of a Race Committee in their handbook called "Join the Race Committee Team". You can purchase a copy at the educational store within the USSailing.com website.

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