The Clearwater Coast Guard Auxiliary

I thought many of you might like to see some more of the island cleanup.  The cleanup this year was organized by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and they were kind enough let us all join in this years cleanup. I have included their press release in this post, it always nice to work on the water with like minded people and all of us had a great day on the water!

The Clearwater Coast Guard Auxiliary will be our guest speaker coming up in few months. There program of safety for boat and boaters is not to be missed.

Keeping the Seas Safe from the Mariner

The Clearwater Coast Guard Auxiliary prides itself with keeping mariners safe from the seas with their frequent on-the-water patrols and search and rescue missions. However, they’re also dedicated to keeping the seas safe from the mariners.

On the island in Dunedin

Despite a somewhat chilly start and strong winds, members and guests of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary took to their boats on Saturday afternoon to visit three of the spoil islands in the Intracoastal Waterway, off Clearwater and Dunedin, to pick up trash.  The team was pleased to find the islands in pretty good shape, but there was still the usual assortment of cans, bottles, and food wrappers. Other items included a rusty lawn chair, a metal iron spike, plastic bags, and far too many wet wipes.


Two of the islands were hosts to several campers with tents, canoes, kayaks and several dogs. Based on the items picked up as trash, it appears that most of these campers are cleaning up after themselves, except for using wet wipes and leaving them behind.

Cleaning up the Island

This Coastal Cleanup was unique because the Clearwater Coast Guard Auxiliary partnered with both the Dunedin Boat Club and Dunedin Youth Sailing Association. While the Dunedin Boat Club boats worked the same islands as the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Dunedin Youth Sailing Association members cleaned up islands closer to their launch area – Dunedin Municipal Marina – because the strong winds made it unsafe for them to travel very far.


Pinellas County residents who are aware of an island or section of shoreline that needs to be cleaned up are encouraged to report it to Keep Pinellas Beautiful. Experience has shown that once an area is cleaned up, people are less likely to leave their trash behind.


Coast Guard Auxiliary Clearwater Flotilla 11-1’s area of responsibility extends from the Belleair Bridge in the south to Stevenson Creek in the north. Their missions mirror those of the Active Duty Coast Guard with the exception of law enforcement and related activities. Being stewards of the environment and assisting boaters in distress are just two of the many missions completed by the members of the Clearwater Flotilla (

Karen L. Miller

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