Ships Store Catalogue updates

Dunedin Boat Club: Ships Store

Established 1929

Proprietors:     Claudia & Rob Walker                         619.370.6185

Club Logo Items

  • DBC Burgees up to $50
  • DBC License Plates: $15
  • Beverage Essentials up to $50
  • Totes, Blankets, Umbrellas up to $75
  • Hats, Caps & Visors
  • A large variety of styles: Ball caps, Bling Hats, Bucket Style cost up to $ 25

Mens Apparel: variety of sizes

  • *Tank Tops Classic up to $35
  • *Short Sleeve Tees cotton and UPF up to $35
  • *Fisherman’s Shirts up to $50
  • *Long Sleeve Tees Cotton and UPF, wicking fabric shirts up to $40
  • *Sportswear Short Sleeve Shirts up to $50
  • *Long sleeve Hoodies, Rash guards, Denim up to $75
  • *Classic Polo Shirts up to $50
  • *Sweater Vests up to $25.
  • Women’s Apparel: variety of sizes
    *Tank Tops up to $45
  • *V neck T-shirts: 100% polyester, wicking and SPF up to $45
  • *Scoop Neck T-shirts: 100% cotton up to $45
  • *Bling Tees up to $45
  • *Sportswear Hoodie, Denim shirts, pullovers, and rain slickers up to $75
  • *Sleeveless Blouses UPF 40 up to $40

Several *NEW* items featured in Showcase located inside Clubhouse


Please visit when the Ship Store is OPEN (see calendar for dates) for specially priced items. Dates are also announced on the Dunedin Boat Club Facebook page

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