Saturday Sept. 23rd Work Day!

This is a work day for new people (and you older
members too)  set for Saturday Sept. 23rd start
time 9:00 am.   Coffee and donuts to start the
morning and finish at noon or before.

We have bunch of duties to do at the club house
and this a great opportunity for all new members
to meet, new and old members at the Boat club.

This day is great way to meet boat club a wide
section of members in working environment which
can be very enjoyable.   Nothing can bond people
better than working for a common goal and it also
will give you a greater appreciation for the club
house and its members.   So plan of coming down
and working with your friends at the greatest
place in the West Coast of Florida, the Dunedin
Boat Club.

Some of the jobs we will be doing, stain west
porch, this is using stain so if you have an oil
brush please bring with you!

We will fix the water connections to toilets in
both bathrooms and look at the sinks to secure
them better to the wall. ….Rusty  Anderson will
head this up this crew.

Black paint for numbers on club house.  We will
need people with smaller brushes and cans with
supplied latex paint.   Maybe add 49 Main Street
in letters on the club wall (Liza)

All new members will be cross trained on the PA
set up and trouble shot a little too.

Yard clean up all you gardeners, please bring your
rakes, cutters and what you need to clean up the
club house outside.
Blue and white paint for touch up on building.
Painter bring your brushes and a couple of clean
tin cans for painting with latex (water based

Randy Morgan will bring wood to help fix the corner that busted…

So have plenty of work and maybe just a little fun too!

See you Saturday!


Ken Carlyle Building Committee Chair

Terry Hopkins Rear Commodore

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