Results of Final Bay Race

The best weather of this series was saved for last!! With a beautiful breeze, Variete, Fixation and Mary Sol competed in two races. With only 8 seconds separating the first and the last boat in one race, it was a very exciting evening.
Race 1
1st Mar Y Sol, Dave and Chris Kelly
2nd Variete, David Austin and Rusty Anderson
3rd, Fixation, Paul Auman and Dennis Bosi

Second Race
1st Fixation with Paul Aluman and Dennis Bosi
2nd Variete with Dave Austin and Rusty Anderson
3rd Mar Y Sol with Dave and Chris Kelly

The first overall for the entire series goes to Dave Austin on Variete who raced every single race. Big thanks to Paula and Ken Shur for their work on the race committee for these races, along with Rita Root, Gene Wieher, Dan Morris and Rusty Anderson.


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