Postponed for now…Pirate Murder Mystery Costumed Party!   Saturday May 20th

Postponed for now…

Pirate Murder Mystery Costumed Party!   ARRGH!

Socializing 6pm, BYOB and appetizer. 7 pm the Murder Mystery Party. Cost $15.00  Pay at the door day of the event, cash or check DBC.

Pirate Murder Mystery Party

May 20th Saturday.

Time 7 pm

Cost  Only $15.00

Pick out your character and go to Stirling Wines down town Main St.  Next to Flanagan’s.

*The book of characters and signup sheet is there.   LuAnn and Rob or bartenders can answer any question you need answer.  They have had five Murder Mystery Party’s.

Pay the day of the party May 20th or at our next General Membership Meeting.

Checks are great.  Make out to DBC.

You can Text me your character you want to play.

Hurry up before someone gets the part you want to play

Party Hardy

Text me!  Cindy 727-408-0603

Cindy Social

The Dunedin Boat Club will have a costumed pirate theme murder mystery event on

Saturday May 20th
May 10 is the last day to sign up.

. You need to move quickly to make this fun event possible. Due to the unique nature of this event, people must rsvp in advance. You cannot just show up at the door.

This is not dinner theater that many people have experienced. This is completely different – it is a mixing, mingling social event where ALL of the guests ALL play characters. This is a socializing bring a dish party, not an event where you sit and watch actors do a skit. There is no audience, no lines to recite and nothing to memorize. We will tell you the history of your character several days in advance, but how you choose to play it at the event is totally up to you. It is just like when we were kids in the sandbox pretending to be ballerinas or cowboys – you make it up as you go along. For more information on how it works, go to

A list of 50 characters has been posted on the Dunedin Boat Club website. Please contact me and let me know which character you want to play. Please be ready with a first and second choice. We will need your name, email address and phone number so we can get you the character information in advance. Characters are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you sign up, the more choices you will have of which character to play.

This is a pirate theme but there are also a few native characters from the tropical paradise of Happy Island. If you choose one of these parts, you would dress like if you were going to participate in a Hawaiian luau.

The cost of the event is $15. If you are not certain you can make it, please do not sign up for a major character. Let us know immediately if you need to cancel because we may need to replace your character.

This is a party for the people who have said they want to do “something different.” Please help us out by signing up immediately.
Mystery Mixers presents:


Happy Island’s
King WannaWanna &
Queen Extravagance

Welcome You To The Annual

Pirate Invasion

During the annual violent summer thunderstorm season of the Caribbean, swashbucklers need a place to rest, repair their ships, barter and fence their stolen goods. Every year the pirate fleet sails into Happy Island and the nearby coastal community of Shady Cove so they could accomplish these tasks. The event has grown into an annual bash that is the talk of the Caribbean.

So shiver your timbers, mates, and let out a hearty

It is now just after sundown, and every pirate worth his sword is heading to Happy Island…


The Coastal Community of Shady Cove

1. ***Delta Dubloons – Owns Dubloons, the most popular local pub in the coastal community of Shady Cove. Happy Island is located just offshore of Shady Cove. The Shady Cove merchants make a lot of money every year on the annual pirate festivities.

The Happy Island Natives

2. ***Queen Extravagance – The queen of all the natives on Happy Island. Very influential with many people. Wife of King WannaWanna, and mother of Princess Like Totally.

3. *** Princess Like Totally – She is the spoiled brat daughter of the queen who is a big flirt with the pirates and is driving her parents crazy.

Capt. Bloody Mary McGregor’s Krewe

4. ***Captain Bloody Mary McGregor – Known for her ruthlessness and her early morning raids.

5. **Party Hearty – The most outrageous party animal in the pirate fleet. Always knows where the best parties are. She is the Rum Master.

Captain Vixen’s Krewe

6. ***Captain Vixen – Some pirates run at the sight of this all-female krewe. Only a few men have dared to walk the decks of this ship – many have walked the plank.

7. **Angry Ali – Nobody is quite sure why she is angry, but she is always in a foul mood. She is the first mate.

8. **Mad Margaret – No telling what she is mad about, but at least she’s on the right krewe.
Captain Consuela’s Krewe

9. ***Captain Consuela – This all-female group hangs out down around Mexico and helped invent the first Margarita. This is the hardest drinking krewe of females.

10. **More Tequila! – She is the first mate who got her nickname because that’s frequently the last thing she says before she passes out.

Captain Renegade Rachel’s Krewe

11. ***Captain Renegade Rachel – She has the entire French fleet looking for her because she stole a priceless chalice destined for the Queen of France.

12. ***Cinnabar – She is the first mate constantly fights with the captain about what to attack and when. She has an uncanny ability to find ships loaded with riches.

Captain Wanda The Wicked’s Krewe

13. ***Captain Wanda the Wicked – She is known for how much she enjoys plundering. She is the sister of Capt. Beverly the Bad, and they have always been very competitive.

14. **Wild Wench – She is the first mate who is always trying to get her shipmates to perform better.

Captain Fife Le Fickle’s Krewe

15. ***Captain Fife Le’ Fickle – She changes her mind with the wind. Her krewe never knows if she is coming or going. She is the sister of Captain Gigi Cliché.

16. **Militant Michelle – She loves to blow things out of the water. She is the first mate.

Captain Gigi Cliché’s Krewe

17. ***Captain Gigi Cliché – She talks in clichés and it drives the krewe crazy. She is the sister of Captain Fifi Le’ Fickle.

18. **Bonnie Bones – She earned her nickname by breaking the bones both arms of an English captain who had tried to take her back to England to stand trial for piracy. She is the first mate.

Captain Deborah the Defiant’s Krewe

19. ***Captain Deborah the Defiant – She spit in the eye of the hangman, and was rescued by her krewe just as the trap door opened.

20. **Cold-Hearted Hanna – Her nickname needs no explanation.

Captain Black Widow’s Krewe

21. ***Captain Black Widow –She cut the throat of so many of her ex-husbands that she had to go to sea and become a pirate. She is wanted in connection with the deaths of eight exes.

22. **Iron Rose – Captain’s Blade’s trusty first mate.

23. **Sally the Strange – Her mates keep their distance from her, but they know she is invaluable when it is time for a fight.

Captain Esmerelda Yardarm’s Krewe

24. ***Captain Esmerelda Yardarm – Her krewe has discovered that information can be more valuable than booty. They stay near Shady Cove and entice pirates to give them information, which they sell to the highest bidder. They only occasionally go out on raids.

25. **Brazen Bess – She has been with Captain Yardarm for many years and is the first mate.

The Coastal Community of Shady Cove

26. ***Captain Blades – He owns the local cutlery shop and specializes in swords and knives. He used to be a pirate before he opened his shop.

The Happy Island Natives

27. ***King WannaWanna – King of Happy Island.

28. ***Brave NoFun – He represents a group of natives who think the island is being destroyed by all the festivities and contacts with the pirates.

29. ***Brave Youwanna Party – He is the enemy of Brave NoFun. He thinks the pirate festival is a great idea.

Captain Morgan’s Krewe

30. ***Captain Morgan – A very smooth pirate and gentleman.

31. **Wench Watcher – Helps his mates by always knowing the best places to party in the Caribbean.

Captain Redundant’s Krewe

32. ***Captain Redundant – He keeps saying the same things over and over, and it drives his krewe crazy.

33. **Second Mate Second Mate – The captain gave him his nickname, of course.

Captain Johnny’s Krewe

34. ***Captain Johnny – Always arguing with his brother, Captain Rodney the Red.

35. **Crossbones – Carries out the dastardly deeds of his captain.

Captain Jack Danger’s Krewe

36. ***Captain Jack Danger – Known for his hearty alcohol consumption and his stomach that is like a steel drum. His crew has a distinctively country flavor – it likes fishing and working on the boat a lot.

37. **Sharky – The first mate. He can fix anything.

Captain Lunatic’s Krewe

38. ***Captain Lunatic – He is totally unpredictable, which has made him very successful in battle. Some say he is crazy, others think he is crazy like a fox…

39. **Gunwalls Grady – He has been thrown overboard by all of his former captains, but thinks his new captain is just his style.

Captain Crash’s Krewe

40. ***Captain Crash – Pirate who always rams his ship into the opposition and sinks. He has had trouble keeping a crew together.

41. **Lookout the Lookout – Spends most of his time yelling “Lookout!” to Capt. Crash.

Captain Rodney the Red’s Krewe

42. ***Captain Rodney the Red – Always arguing with brother Capt. Johnny.

43. **Riley Red – Always upset with extremely high blood pressure. Cannot seem to calm down about anything. The first mate and son of the captain.

Captain Romantic’s Krewe

44. ***Captain Romantic – He worries more about romancing women than sailing the high seas, and his krewe is becoming concerned.

45. **Henry the Heartbroken – He lost his one true love and every time he sees Captain Romantic find another woman, it is like another dagger in his heart.

Captain David the Desperate’s Krewe

46. ***Captain David the Desperate – He is always in a crisis and desperate for something, and his krewe and the other pirates are tired of it. He needs a course in crisis management.

47. **Dagger Dan – He is the first mate. If the captain doesn’t get his act together, the krewe wants the first mate to take over.

Captain Rasta Reggae’s Krewe

48. ***Captain Rasta Reggae – His dreadlock krewe is from Jamaica.

49. **Jamaica Jake – He is the first mate.

Captain Edward the Disgruntled’s Krewe

50. ***Captain Edward the Disgruntled – His krewe gets seasick a lot, so they stay close to Shady Cove and rarely leave the inlets. They salvage a lot of ships that hit the reefs, which doesn’t require navigating heavy seas.

51. **Deadbones Drake – He is a member of Capt. Disgruntled’s krewe


So pick you character, and pick you friends for your Krewe!


If you have any Questions…..please text me at 727-408-0603

or email  us at:

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