Nominations 2017




Nominations for the 2017 Bridge and Board

If you have ever thought about getting involved with a great group of willing fellow members for the fun and friendship, why not nominate yourself for one of the positions on the Bridge or the Board?

Don’t wait and make someone have to ask you personally. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better group with which to work.

Just print this page, print your name on the 1st blank, sign on the 2nd blank, and date it.

I nominate myself for the following:

❏ Bridge ❏ Board (Check only one box)


_______________________  ____________________      __________


Print your name                                       Signature                                                  Date


Email Terry Hopkins at, call him at 727-303-4703,

or bring this page to the October 17, 2016 general membership meeting.



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