Marina Watch

The Marina Crime Watch Committee includes a slip holder from each dock, a representative of the Marina Advisory Committee and a chairman representing the Dunedin boat Club, its sponsoring organization.  The committee for 2010/ 2011 is listed below.  Please contact any of the committee if you have concerns.

Chairman: Dorothy Connor

Commercial Dock- Missy McMullen

Dock A – John Tornga

Dock B – Maryellen and Many Farinas

Dock C – Ray Bouchard

South Wall – Sam Richardson

West Wall – John Lowe

Marina Advisory Liaison – Tim Hunt

Most problems in marinas are crimes of opportunity where the boat owners’ carelessness facilitates theft and or vandalism. Tips  from the Sheriffs Marine Unit for a safer marina community include:

  • Limit access to boats when possible. Keep dock gates closed and be alert to strangers on the dock or on boats.
  • Do not give out gate combinations to others.
  • Do not leave valuables sitting in the cockpit or on the dock.
  • Keep the ignition key secure- either locked away or at home.
  • Use the best locks you have to lock your boat and to secure outboard motors and lockers
  • Know your neighbors and use reciprocity to help you all keep boats secure. You watch my boat when I am away and I’ll watch yours.  Communicate vacations times to a trusted neighbor and the harbormaster.
  • OBSERVE !In a friendly way, find out who strangers are; the marina signs are clear that people on the docks should be slip holders, their families or guests accompanied by boat owners.  Do this in a non-confrontational manner.  If a person can’t satisfy you as to who they are and why they are there, call for a deputy.  Sgt. Somers says that they had rather be called than to discover that crime could have and should have been prevented.  Word spreads if a marina community is alert and observant which discourages thieves from targeting the marina.
  • Report any suspicious behavior of an emergency nature to 911. This includes strangers who are hanging around for unusually long periods of time appearing to gather information about boats and owners or are asking too many questions about which owners are on vacation. It certainly includes anyone whom you do not know either on boats or leaving the marina with a boat and unaccompanied by the owner.
  • Report non-emergency issues to the Sheriff’s office at 727-582-6200
  • Put identification information on instruments and other items in locations not immediately noticeable.
  • Record all serial numbers and maintain a photo ID file to help law enforcement officers recover stolen materials