Mardi Gras results

I have the Mardi Gras float results:

3rd place – Sea Dog Brewery
2nd place – Kellys, Chick a Boom, Blur
1st place – DUNEDIN BOAT CLUB! �(see attached photos)
A huge thank you goes out to all of those who had their creative juices flowing AGAIN! �Thanks to the idea guys, the builders, the painters, the engineers, the float driver, the bead orderers, the mermaids, King Neptune, the cooks for a wonderful dinner, the crew that cleaned up, the VFW, and all of the fish, fishermen, scuba divers, and sea creatures that went with the tide to earn us this great honor!!!
We done good! �Congratulations�

If we borrowed your ‘stuff’ please go claim it at the Boat Club.

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