Hurricane Prepared…That’s us!


Today the building committee did its first Hurricane preparedness drill.     This time  with a little motive, called Irma!    We removed most of the valuables from the boat club and moved then to places a little safer that 2 feet above high tide.

The whole crew divided up what would be taken to safer ground, carefully packed, and moved it to the following:

Mark and Happy Jordan have most to the items at their house.

Rusty Anderson has several items from the trophy case

Ken Carlyle has all the PA system and TV stuff for the old TV.

Big Thanks to All who helped in the BIG project.

Sam McVicker, Mark Jordan, Grant Painter, Blair Kooi, Randy Morgan, Rusty Anderson, Ken Carlyle, Dean McClelland

It you want watch what we did then click on the link and see us at work…

Terry Hopkins

Rear Commodore

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