FU FU Party

August 19th Saturday FU FU Party!

Save this date!

So what is FU FU Party?

Well, a FU FU party is a party where  FU FU drinks are served….

A person or group of people decide to mix a favorite drink and serve it to others coming to the FU FU Party.   They will or,  maybe not, build a themed booth to show their concoction or just have a table and invite people to share their FU FU potion!    At times people will bring food to help lay down a base before sampling of the of ALL the FU FU drinks.  (ALL are encouraged to bring a finger food dish to pass)

So get with your friends and start planning on what FU FU drink you want to make and share with the group…and maybe think up a theme for your drink, have booth to share you  drink with club.

This usually a great fun party and something of tradition in club.    If you have a question please ask any long time member on this

These drinks are of the design and choice of the person running their own booth.  So get creative, invite your fellow boat club member to join you in forming a group to mix up a FU FU drink for the party.    …and for josh sakes plan on being at the FU FU Party August 19th

More information and details and coming fast!

Cindy Cole