February Sunshine

Sunshine for Sheryl Barnes

Sheryl Barnes, our fearless Commodore, underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff on February 11th. The club members wish her a speedy recovery as she anxiously awaits her return to the tennis courts!

2021 Sunshine Committee Chair Linda Fagan 

Sunshine for our Dunedin Boat Club Family

        The Sunshine Committee is here to send SUNSHINE to members in need. We consider the Dunedin Boat Club to be a family.  Sometimes our family need support and prayers, because of an illness, surgical procedures, death of an immediate family member, death of a member.  Sometimes our family wants to celebrate milestone birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child or grandchild.  Either way, we always want to remind our members that we are a family, and as a family, we are here to support and celebrate with each other.
        As part of our family, please let me know if we can support you, or celebrate with you.  With all conversations, I will ask if this is something that they want to share with the general membership.
        If you, or someone in your family would like to get some sunshine, please email me or call 727-415-2131
Linda Fagan.   LFagan51@icloud.com
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