Dunedin Boat Club coastal cleanup

On Saturday, April 28, 16 members of the Dunedin Boat Club participated in a coastal cleanup with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Dunedin Youth Sailing Association in which 4 spoil Islands in the Inter-coastal waterway were cleaned and the trash removed. The club effort was led by Blue Gavel  members Terry Hopkins and Dorothy Connor. Boats to transport members were provided by Steven Sosa, Sam McVicker and Steve Donovan.

Coastal cleanup crew

Steve Donovan, Lori Donovan, Craig Polito, Sharon Grimshaw, Darren Polito, Liza Hopkins, Carol Ann, (second row) Dorothy Connor, Kathy Sergot, Lynn Lang, John Sergot, Terry Hopkins. Not shown – Steven Soso

Island work

Leaving after a Clean up!

Having participated in coastal Clean-ups since 2003, Dorothy commented that the overall state of the islands showed an increase in awareness of the importance of trash removal by the boating community. Much less trash was seen than in past years. The islands are used most weekends by boaters to camp or picnic. Kathy Sergot commented on what a fun activity it was and everyone had a good time on this beautiful morning on the water. Craig Polito earned the Sir Walter Raleigh award!

Sam's boat

Sam MacVicker and his crew


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