2015 Race Committee Report (Final)


I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Holiday. We held or 2015 planning meeting on Dec 18th. Jim Schrader, Dennis Denninger, Tom Kennedy, Fairlie Brinkley, and Paul Auman where in attendance. Carol Elwood sent in written comments. We enjoyed a spirited debate on sailboat racing and preferred course types. We agreed to keep the racing fresh by changing it up from time to time.

As for volunteers for the 2015 the list is still very short. I hope everyone who helped on the committee in 2014 will sign up for an item this year.  Here is the task list to get the race season up and off to a good start.

Race Committee 101, Jan 10th, 2105 Island Way Grille – hosted by Fairlie Brinkley. Please see website for details, this is a great refresher for both committee and sailors alike. It also includes free food.

Spring Gulf Schedule – We have three races scheduled plus two regional events. We need a volunteer to organize (host) each race. We are trying something new this year by assigning the race duties early in the year so everyone can plan ahead.

  • January 24th – Gulf Race #1 – Tom Kennedy (Host)
  • February 21st – Valentine’s Day Gulf Race #2 – Carol Elwood (Host)
  • March 21st – DBC/SPYC 3rd Annual Pass-a-Grille Run (Gulf BOTY) – Gulf Race #3 – Paul Auman (Host)
  • March 28th – Crown Cars Regatta SPYC@PAG ((SCBOTY , SPORC & Gulf BOTY)
  • April 9th..12th – SPYC Suncoast Raceweek (SCBOTY , SPORC & Gulf BOTY)

Summer Race Schedule – ( Thank you Tom Kennedy)

  • May 29th – Bay Race 1 & 2
  • June 12th – Bay Race 3 & 4
  • June 26th – Bay Race 5 & 6
  • July 10th – Bay Race 7 & 8
  • July 24th – Bay Race 9 & 10

Laundry Race & Dingy Poker Run – Commodore’s Cup August 15th @ 1pm – Auman Family (host)

Dunedin Cup Week (yes, a week of racing) is Sept. 18th thru the 27th. Hosted by Rod Collman and Kim Beaty. Gary Jobson *US Sailing Hall of Fame Sailor returns this year to kick off a week of youth, high school, one-design and PHRF racing.

Fall Schedule – (Thank you Carol)

  • September 26th – Dunedin Cup – Gulf Race #4
  • October 17th, Gulf Race # 5 – Host Needed
  • Nov. 14th, Gulf Race # 6 – Host Needed

Notice of Series 2015. When we have the summer and fall dates. Paul Auman will post the notice of series. We will budget to give out 1st,2nd, and 3rd place for the Spring, Summer, and Fall series. Plus the overall BOTY award for Gulf and Bay racing at the Change of Watch in 2016.

Scoring – We need to train a volunteer to use SailWave our scoring software to enter the race times immediately after the race and post the results in a timely fashion. The software is very easy to use, as well as the website. If you are interested please email Paul Auman for training. Carol Elwood has volunteered to be the scorer for 2015

Race Chairman – Kudo’s to Dave Kelly and the committee, we did a great job working together in 2014. I hope everyone can pitch in again this year. We need to nominate or solicit a volunteer to be the chair for our group next year. If your name is not on the turkey please volunteer for this year. Ask Dave Kelly, it is almost painless 🙂

Race Results for 2014 – The provisional results are posted on the website. Trophies have been ordered for the Change of Watch on January 10th. Please get the word out to your fellow sailors to come join us for the awards.


Paul Auman
Dave Kelly

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