This party will be at Compact Island if you don’t know it’s the Island right in front of Bon Appetite.


You can bring your boat out or find a ride out.  You can kayak or canoe or paddle board out to the island.


Important things to know.  The boat club will supply nothing, you bring your own sun screen, towel, chair, umbrella for shade,

Water, cooler with ice, your own drinks. WATER, snacks and food to eat.


We will have a pot luck dinner around 6pm or before.  Everyone who comes out bring a dish to share with everyone.  We will have tables set up with plates, napkins, plastic forks all the utensils for severing.  We will have the tables under a tent.


Now to pull this party off we will need a lot of volunteers.   We will need people with boats to help early in the morning to take all the tables, tent.   Get to the island and set up and hope no one else is camping on the island.   Someone to stay on the island for the day! 


Once again Social will need help to pull this party off.   If we don’t have the help will have to cancel.


We need people with boats who want to help with set up and take down.   Need  boats with getting people out to the island.  Try to find a ride with someone.     We need people to help with the pot luck dinner, people to help with clean up and take the trash off the island on to their boat and drop of at the club,  people to help with take down of the table, tents  pack up and take the tables back to the boat club.  Help with clean up at the club to wash the tables and wash up the utensil.   To pull off this Party Social will  need HELP. 


Members if you are sponsoring someone make sure you have them text Cindy or email to sign up for their hrs. for membership.


This party is free  social will have rum punch for everyone.   We will have three games to play.  Because Social had to cancel the pirate murder mystery party twice.  We will play clue who stole the gold and murdered the King of Happy Island.  Second game is the egg toss and the best  Watermelon Boat Race.  You design and crave your water melon boat at home bring it to the party please use biodegradable for our turtles and marine life.   The winners will win really cool prizes.


Fun playing games listen to music. Pot luck dinner watch the sunset.  Most important hanging out with Super Cool Dunedin Club Members. 


If I  think of anything else we will blast it out. 


I have a list ready to sign up volunteers to help

1.   Boats to help.

2.   Set up early am

3.   Someone to stay on the island.

4.   Help with the potluck dinner and clean up

5.   Take down tent and tables haul off the trash.

6.   Clean up at the club house.


Text Cindy at 727-408-0603

Or email butchandcindy@tampabay.rr.com


Social is the Host of the Island Party.


Cindy Cole


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