Cruising May 16-18 @ 3 Rooker Bar

May 16-18 Cruise to 3-Rooker Bar – Host: Jim Schrader

Cruise to 3 Rooker Bar Friday (evening) May 16th through Sunday May 18th.

This is a short run up the ICW to a really nice location to hang out for the weekend.  We will meet up at the Northeastern part of the island (see the cursor in my screenshot).  There is 7′ at MLW that should accommodate all drafts.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jim Schrader.



Click Here for the tides.  (note you can scroll down on the page to change the date)


Please RSVP below for this cruise:

  • Sign up for the 3-Rooker Bar Cruise on May. 16 thru 18

  • 3-Rooker Bar Cruise Signup List
    On May. 16 thru 17

    Boat Name Captain Arrival Date Number of Nights Admin
    1 Illusion Jim Schrader May 16th 2 Remove
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