Cruise to Gulfport

The March cruise was to the beautiful small town of Gulfport.

This was a combination race/cruise, with a few boats sailing to Gulfport on March 21 and the rest racing/cruising the following day.

  There were a total of 8 boats taking part in this event. On Saturday March 22 18 club members came together at the Neptune Grill downtown Gulfport for a couple of hours of camaraderie and a great meal.

 The following boats participated in this event:

 Arwen, Regard, Illusion, Fixation, The Best of Times, Iemaya, Addie, Tranquility.  Many thanks to all boat captains and their crews for making this trip a huge success.

Vice Commodore, Dean, Adrienne McClelland Neptune Grill -3 Neptune Grill -2 Neptune Grill -1 Collmans and Grahams


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