Commodore’s Laundry Race – Results! – August 3rd, 2013

Wow! What a great day on the water last Saturday.

Thank you to everyone that participated; it was a Great Success! A very BIG thank you goes out to Mary Kolb, Karen Auman, Mark Jordan, Fairlie Brinkley, and John Tornga our most excellent race committee.

The Finial Result

1) Fearless Frog – Denninger/Crew  Commodore’s Cup Race Winner
2) Lil Wing – Tippin’s
3) Challenger – Bosi’s
4) Hale Kola – Austin/Crew
5) Fixation – Auman/Gattis/Fondrick
6) Amber Waves – Eldgridge’s
7) Mar Y Sol – Kelly’s
8) Freedom – Zoda/Kolb – Laundry Race Winner


Paul Auman

Racers, Cruisers, and Power Boaters,

This Saturday is the Annual Commodore’s Laundry Race. I want to thank Mary Kolb and Karen Auman for putting together a fun day. Please read, we have some last minute changes.


Sailing Instructions Click to download.

Here is the timeline for Saturday’s Events

  • 11:15 Optional Skipper’s Meeting outside Dock A – Dunedin Marina
  • 11:30 Race Committee Meeting outside Dock A – Dunedin Marina
  • 11:40 R/C leaves dock, and anchors near Weaver Park.
  • 12:15 First Warning, Laundry Race
  • 1:30 Raft Up following race.

Saturday in the bay, is an ebb tide. For the start of the race will estimate a +2.2 feet MWL , and +1.8 MWL feet at the completion. We will raft up in an area off of Weaver Park that has the greatest depth after the race.

2013-08-03  04:07 EDT   Moonrise
2013-08-03  04:13 EDT   1.53 feet  Low Tide
2013-08-03  06:54 EDT   Sunrise
2013-08-03  10:06 EDT   2.81 feet  High Tide
2013-08-03  17:34 EDT   0.25 feet  Low Tide

The South access road to the boat club is under construction until mid September. Bill Franz is working on providing water/sewer to the club house but as of now there is no service. Edgewater Arms Homeowners association was kind enough to enter into a walking agreement for members/west wallers to walk over the pipe bridge at the end of Edgewater arms. Under the agreement there is NO PARKING/NO DRIVING on their property. Because of these issues, we decided to try something different.

A good ole Post Race Raft up.


A few of our skippers will be dragging kayaks around the course, so the kids have something to float on post race. Bring your floating toys, paddle boards, and fenders.

Look for Fixation and raft up to share some on-the-water fun after the race.

Power boater’s Capt Ron and Mark Jordan will join us for the race to provide some cover. Keep a keen eye for floating TYPE IV cushions for some post race prizes.

Remember, lots of flying water so hide those electronics. Be first to win the Commodore’s Cup


Don’t be last or you will win the Laundry Award. Guess whats under the seat cover 🙂


See you Saturday!

Paul, Mary, and Karen.

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