Bay Race Day #4 Results

We are having different boats showing up at each Friday night race. Great to see the variety! This race had the Auman boys bring their Dad Paul out
on Fixation while Carol Elwood sailed her Sunfish. We managed to get two races in and missed the rain by about 1/2 hr. Good wind, good time with
strawberry shortcake back at the club house after the races. Dave Austin has raced every
race and is presently leading the pack in first place overall.

Race 1:
1st place: Vision, Ensign sailed by Zeke Durica
2nd Place: Variete, Dave Austin
3rd Place: Amazing Grace, Carol Elwood
4th Place: Ensign #952, Mary Ellen Fiore
5th Place: Fixation, Jacob and Zach Auman with Dad Paul
DNS: Mar Y Sol, Dave and Chris Kelly

Race 2:
1st Place: Vision
2nd Place: Variete
3rd Place: Pilgrim Too
4th Place: Fixation
5th Place: Ensign #952
6th Place: Amazing Grace

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