Dunedin Boat Club History

The Dunedin Boat Club was established in 1929 to promote sailing activities within the City of Dunedin.

The boat club charter was filed on February 18, 1931, holding 31 charter members under the guide of the first commodore, D.A. Whitaker.  Membership dues were $4.00 per year and slip fees were $10.00 per year.  Activities such as putting in pilings, bulkheads, walkways, channel markers, water and electricity were financed by holding fish fries, dances, raffles and personal loans from members.  Help from the city was meager, to say the least.

In 1933, a special meeting was held regarding the proposal of a marina basin.  To fund this project, the membership requested that the City apply for a grant from the Public Works Program, knowing that in order to qualify, the marina could not be privately owned and must belong to the City.  The membership voted to relinquish rights of the marina to the City with the understanding that the Club would lease back the property from the City.  Together, they undertook the project to develop the boat basin.

In 1936, the Boat Club began construction of a clubhouse on the leased property that was funded by their own resources and hard work.

No documentation can be found recording the Club’s activities from 1942-1954 however, from 1970-1979, the Boat Club went into decline.  Unfortunately, taxes on the clubhouse could not be paid, so the membership decided to sell the building to the City, again with the understanding that they would lease it back.  In 1984, new blood came to the Club as a younger group of boaters decided to become members.  Boat races began to form on a regular basis, and weekly and monthly activities became the norm.  Membership began to increase and by the end of 2004, the Club had over 250 active members and is still growing.