Float update and costumes

Great progress has been made on the float, so we have some changes.
We are going to relocate the float to the clubhouse sometime
Friday afternoon. Our work party Saturday will be from 2PM on
unless we come up with a new plan before that. We still are looking for
blue lights. Bubble guns will be at the spaghetti dinner.

There are some ‘fishy’ costumes at the House of Make Believe which is located in the same shopping center as GFS on Gulf to Bay – 727-446-1890 – They had one each of:
Mermaid – $48
Seahorse – $45

Shark, Goldfish & Dolphin – $65 each

Also a Red Octopus Head only – $35

Robyn Buird will also have crab and fish hats to sell at the spaghetti dinner.

Happy will be selling ‘beads’ when you sign your City waiver – $10/pp, $5 kids

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