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Sail boat racing is such a good sport. Unlike some other sports like boxing, where you beat up your opponent, or football where your competition is tackled and knocked to the ground, you simply outsmart your opponent on the water and then go back to the clubhouse and share a beer.”                                                                  John Kostecki, America’s Cup Skipper and multiple award winning sailor


 One can learn more in a season of racing than in years of cruising. You go out in a wide spectrum of wind conditions, from light air to heavy, increasing your skills and stretching your limits while using other sailors as your measuring stick. You are sailing with a purpose, meeting new friends along the way. Racing is challenging, frustrating and sheer fun as you and your crew share the ups and downs of the race. Sailboat racing is not so much about becoming better than a competitor, but becoming better than you used to be.


There are races throughout the year with a Gulf series in the spring and fall and summer evening bay races when the daylight extends and the tides are high. Awards will be given for the spring series, the summer series and the fall series. The Boat of the Year awards will go to the boat with the lowest cumulative score in the Gulf races and the boat with the lowest cumulative score in the Bay races.

 To access the 2017Racing Calendar go to the menu line, point at Racing and select 2017 Racing Schedule/Sign Up/Results

 Besides the club’s races, there is a Gulf PHRF (Performance Handicapped Racing Fleet) Boat of the Year series of 5 races, running from September to June. Some of these races are run in conjunction with the Suncoast PHRF group in Tampa Bay, increasing the number of competitors. Awards are given for each race and a PHRF Boat of the Year award is given during their annual summer meeting.

Dunedin Boat Club has had a racing program for many years. It has the unique distinction of being the only club which is not a yacht club hosting races in the area PHRF circuit. Both the March Pass a Grille Run and the Dunedin Cup are races within the Gulf Boat of the Year Competition. Our members Paul Auman and Kim Beaty hold positions on the PHRF board.

Have a power boat, a sail boat you don’t want to race or no boat and still want to get involved???

This year we will be thinking “out of the box”.  For the regular club races in February, October and November, we will not use a committee boat.  We will have two pins creating a gate for the star/finish line.  Each person will take their finish time on their GPS and text it to the race chairman at 727-510-9158.  We will use committee boats for only the Gulf PHRF Boat of the Year races which Dunedin Boat Club hosts.  These two races are the Pass a Grille Run March  and the Dunedin Cup Sept. 29th See Schedule